Name of Route: LOD Testing Route (folder name: LOD_Test)

Version and Release Date: 1.0, February 9, 2005

Description: This is a route for checking LODís on TrainSim models. Yes, you can see the LODís in ShapeViewer, but this route letís you see how the different LODís actually look in TrainSim. This is a no frills route. For LOD testing only.

Installation Method: Copy LOD_Test folder to the Route folder, then make an activity for each model that needs to be tested.

Size of Download: 4.4 Mb.

Size of Installed Route: Approx 10.0 Mb.

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: LOD Testing.

Freight or Passenger: LOD Testing.

Era or Genre: Whenever.

Location: Wherever.

Length of Mainline: About 3.68 kilometers (2.3 miles).

Length of Branches: N/A

Number of Branches: N/A

Number of Sidings: N/A

Number of Yards: N/A

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: 100% single track.

Level of Trackside Detail: Mileposts only. Used to mark off meters from test model.

Amount of Scenery Completed: N/A

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: Should be able to run fine on any computer that can run TrainSim.

Activities Provided: None. Will have to create activities for each model to be tested.

Add-In Track Sets: Uses standard MSTS track geometry.

Tsection.dat file used: Standardized Tsection.dat, release 00008 or later: Will run with original t-section.

Payware or Freeware: Freeware.

URL for More Information and Screenshots:

Known Problems: None.

Where it can be downloaded:

The LOD Testing Route was built by:
George R Mathews II (wctrr)
Sacramento Locomotive Works Team Member
george at sacramentolocomotiveworks dot com

Beta Testers:
SLW Team Members David Rowe and Mykel Stovall