Route Name: Mountain Electric in MSTS folder: MountE
Version: 1.0

Release Date: 10 Mar 2005

Description: A ficticious re-vamp of the default Europe2 (Orient Express) route. Electrified to NEC catenary height (7.2m). Additional trackage to run trolley and interurbans along the the lower part of the valley. Scenery updated to a more North American flavour.

Installation: 8 spanned zip files - unzip into ROUTES folder.

Size of download: 8 Spanned files - ca. 29mb each

Size installed: 387mb

Operations: Freelance

Freight or Passenger: Both

Location: Ficticious

Length of mainline: 62 miles

Length of braches: 4 Branches varying from 2mi to 7mi in length

Length of trolley/interuban system: 30 miles

Number of sidings: 24

Number of yards: 3 smaller ones (5-7 tracks ea.)

Mixture of dual and single track: Mainline is 50% dual track, 50% single track with passing sidings, branches are single track with passing sidings, interurban routes are mostly single track with passing sidings except for some dual tracks in the city area.

Level of trackside detail: Fully scenitized route, includes signals, mile markers, speed limits, crossings, car spawners, and sounds.

Amount of scenery completed: 100%

FPS specs: 10-30fps with 512mb RAM and 64mb video card.

Activities provided: A few sample activities are being worked on and will be made available separately. Choice of explore path start points already present in route.

Stock required: dedicated MountE and Valley Transit stock packs available as separate downloads. These will be used in future activities, along with default equipment.

Add-ons: Requires X-Tracks 3.10 and NewRoads 3.1

Tsection.dat used: build 24 or later

Payware or Freeware: Freeware

Problems: High density of scenery causes three areas of slow fps (all three are within mileposts 1-8 of the mainline). Some "white out" effects can be seen in the distance that will disappear while you approach. These white seems happen where distant mountains meet the regular terrain in steep grades and are an issue inherent in MSTS' code.

Download from: