GM&O Springfield Switch

Released March 7, 2005

Route follows the GM&O/C&A main line from Elkhart, Illinois south through Springfield
to Iles, Illinois in south Springfield, then spits. The mainline continues for a
few more miles south, and the AIRLINE cuts off at Iles runs south-westward to just west
of Knapp, Illinois. Cornfields and towns all along the way. True Illinois countryside.
There are approx. 25 running route miles fully packed with detail, so much so that it
may not operate correctly on some PCs.
Included with this route package is a new operating GM&O Track Car.

Installation is in 3 zip files with all self-extracting files. Just click and go.
The route download size is 316MB.
The GM&O Locomotive file is 182MB.
The GM&O rolling stock is 70MB.

The GMOSS is not yet available on CD.

One outside-route file needed:

Installed space including rolling stock is approx. 1.2 gig.
The route it'self is just under 800 megs.

Route is "the way it was planned, but never happened". Most of the route is the way
the GM&O, Wabash, C&IM, P&E, B&O and ITRR were layed out, but alot of research in this area
moved me to add things that "could have been" but never happened. The route is SUMMER ONLY
and is constructed in the 1960's era of Illinois Railroading, although the 70's into the 80's can be utilized as well.
(for you ICG fans)

Route is Passenger and Freight without passenger programming in MSTS at present.
This may be changed by activity creators.

There is one short branch line approx. 1 mile long.

There are numerous industial sidings and small town spurs.

There are 2 yards on the GM&O and one small 3 track yard in use on the C&IM.

Mainline is single and double track fully signaled with all eras and correct signaling for
all roads represented.

Trackside detail is very intense and 100% complete. Some PCs won't run this route.

FPS will vary instensely. My 64 meg video card gets 3 FPS, where my Beta Testors get
10 FPS with 256 meg video cards, and new intense graphics machines get 15+ FPS.

Route requires default updated track shapes (available in the file library)
in your GLOBAL shapes folder to look right. Nothing else is required.

There are 4 small simple activites included with more on the way.
This includes 2 AI train activities.

Route is complete, just install and go.

Route is freeware with individual item use restrictions. See read-me.txt.

Screen shots are in the train-sim screenshot forum.

Know problems: DO NOT LOAD THIS ROUTE UNLESS YOU HAVE a minimum of:
3 gig processor,
1gig DDR ram,
256MB DDR ram on board video ram 8X AGP video card,
Full graphics motherboard,
7200RPM or faster HD with a minimum of 1/2 the drive free,
(a normal MSTS PC in other words)

DO NOT LOAD THIS ROUTE with anything less and expect full functionality.
If you do run a lesser PC, you will miss out
on the whole reason I made it. Much of the detail will not load (ie, track,
SMS files (which you'll get a warning once you cross from tile to tile),
buildings, trees, wires, roadbed berms and polelines...none will load correctly on small PCs)

There is a 4 way tile intersection directly on top of the GM&O Mainline north of Ridgely yard.
The MSTS graphics engine does not load that world file correctly when running northward from Springfield.
It loads it correctly running southward from the north end. There is much detail missing in that world file
in this instance.

Route is available at, and is not yet available on CD.

Original base route creation by Lawrence Kelley and Paul Fowler in 2001-2002.

Route is Copyright 2005 by

Paul Fowler.

{Edited by rr to change title}