* Name of Route: Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac (Fredericksburg to Washington)
* Version and Release Date: V1, July 2005
* Description: The CSX RF&P line from Fredericksburg, Virginia, to Washington, DC, Union Station, plus parallel Metro and Norfolk Southern trackage.
* Installation Method: Zip and batch files
* Size of Download: 37 MB
* Size of Installed Route: 267 MB
* Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Prototypical
* Freight or Passenger: Both
* Era or Genre: Circa spring 2001
* Location: Virginia and Washington, DC
* Length of Mainline: 54 miles plus 12 miles of Metro lines and about 3 miles of Norfolk Southern main
* Length of Branches about 1 mile each
* Number of Branches 3
* Number of Sidings About 27
* Number of Yards 4
* Mixture of Dual and Single Track Nearly all double track
* Level of Trackside Detail High
* Amount of Scenery Completed 100%
* FPS Specs, with qualifiers Using HP Athelon 2400 with 2GB ram and a 128MB video card all the MSTS sliders maxed, no problems. Using compaq 5000 2.1 p-4, 512 mem, 128, g4niva v-card, 12-22 framse per second. Using Dell Dimension L800 CXE, 391 MB ram, Intel 82810 system and graphics controller, 3-12 frames per second
* Activities Provided Amtrak 84, VRE 301, CSX OJ, FR&P freight, Auto Train, introductory trip, three Metro trips. A few activities are provided using default equipment.
* Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities The following equipment is needed for the more realistic non-default activities:

CSX Dash 9 by 3D Train Stuff www.3DTrainStuff.com
AMD103 by Buzz Benz
DC Metro cars (series 2000 repaint) by Doug Nash
Tropicana boxcar by William Laukaitis
Tropicana reefer by William Laukaitis?
RFP boxcar 2-pack by Michael Gilmore
RFP caboose by Chris Denbow
Auto Train auto carrier by Steve Spivey
Auto Train auto carriers repainted by Mike Karlik.
2 RFP GP40's by Chris Denbow
Amtrak F40 by North American Locomotive Works

* Add-In Track Sets: Xtracks required, compatible with v3.2 or later: Needs Xtracks; not sure of the version number
* Tsection.dat file used: Not sure of the version number; it’s dated Nov. 14, 2004
* Payware or Freeware: Freeware
* URL for More Information and Screenshots: www.stevedunham.50megs.com
* Known Problems: Looks horrid in autumn; track is rough in some spots
* Where it can be downloaded TrainSim.com