Name of Route : La route de Petit Arbre V2 or Pentecosta V2

Version and Release Date: V2, released 09.04.2005

Description: A highly detailed, but fictional route, offering many possibilities: switching, express lines, commuter lines, mountain railroading, desert, farmland, harbours, industrial areas with heavy and light freight...

Installation Method: spanned zip files, needs Winzip 8.1 or higher, unzip to Train Simulator/Routes,then run installme.bat.

Size of Download: 300 mb,in 15 subfiles

Size of Installed Route: 900 mb

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Fantasy.

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: modern era,but a lot of preserved or upgraded engines. Diesel and steam.

Location: totally made up!

Length of Mainline: several mainlines and intricate trackwork, offering more than 850 km

Length of Branches: Too many to describe, but every branchline displays several stations, or yards, or sidings.

Number of Branches: unknown.

Number of Sidings: unknown.

Number of Yards: unknown.

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: the route offers both, mixture around 50-50%.

Level of Trackside detail: high (fully signaled, platforms,names, sidings, sounds).

Amount of Scenery Completed: 100%

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: this route is quite demanding, and was extensively tested on three PCs, during more than one year, with about the same results: fps around 25-32, peak 59, valley 10-12 at some locations (Nienke Harbour). Image freeze occurs sometimes when loading a crowded tile, or when using large external views at some locations.

PC1: PIV, 2800 MHz, 1024 RAM, 128 MB ATI9800PRO video card

PC2: AMD Athlon 3200+, DDR-RAM 2048 MB, 128 MB ATI9600XT

PC3: PIV, 3000 MHz, 1 GB RAM, Nvidia FX5600 128 MB

128 MB video card seems a minimum, we tested the route on a laptop PIV, 3000 MHz, 1 GB RAM, video card 64 MB (and hard drive 5200 rpm), and the fps were crawling under 20 most of the time, reaching 1 or 2 and getting a final “send-don’t send” in crowded tiles.

Testing was made in a separate MSTS folder entirely dedicated to Pentecosta (route+trains and consists, the unneeded stuff was removed), all sliders maxed and every option ticked, and only during new sessions (fresh starts), disabling every useless program running in the background with EndItAll2. Internet connection unplugged, firewall and antivirus closed.

Activities Provided: one basic activity comes with the route, and uses only default rolling stock. A 25 activities pack was issued the same day, covering every part of this route, with full comment and visual aid under the form of a map highlighting the path of every activity. These 25 activities require the simmer to download our specific rolling stock, exclusively available at TrainSim.Com (make a search for “Petit Arbre”).

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: see above.

Add-In Track Sets: Xtracks required, V3.10 or higher, v3.15 works fine.

Tsection.dat file used: the one that comes with Xtracks (build #30 when using Xtracks 3.15)

Payware or Freeware: Freeware

URL for More Information and Screenshots: No screenshots nor information, but people encountering difficulties with the route, the activities, or whatever else in Pentecosta can email to our technical department :

*for English-speaking train-simmers, email to Karl Brunieau [email protected] and use the word “Pentecosta” in the subject line, so your message won’t be rejected as spam. Every mail will be replied.

*for French-speaking train-simmers, you can either email the same way to the address here above, or directly to our well-beloved author, Julien Cachemaille [email protected]

Note: Not really hot-lines, since we both have real-life duties and real jobs,so, allow us a couple of hours to give you a decent answer. Every problem will be carefully considered, and, we hope so, solved.

Known Problems: none

Where it can be downloaded: at the TrainSim.Com library, exclusively.

Happy Trainsimming in Pentecosta!