Name of Route: Seaboard Air Line - Florida Division

Version and Release Date: Version 1.2, released November 2005

Description: Seaboard Air Line – Tampa to Wildwood, Florida

Installation Method: Multi Part ZIP files

Size of Download: 117 Mb or three 45 meg files

Size of Installed Route: 1.69 GB

Prototypical Route that was developed from actual Seaboard Air Line VAL MAPS.

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: 1967 (On July 1, 1967 Seaboard Air Line and Atlantic Coast Line were merged into the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad)
Location: State of Florida, Tampa (Gulf Coast) to Wildwood (Central Florida)

Length of Mainline: 90 miles

Length and Number of Branches: 4 Branches
Miami – Sub Division 3 miles
Orlando – Sub Division 3 miles
Devil’s Creek Pulpwood – Atlantic Coast Line Industrial Spur 3 miles
Sarasota – Sub Division 3 miles

Number of Sidings: 10 signal sidings (numerous industrial sidings and switching sidings)

Number of Yards: 2 Large and 3 small (plus Atlantic Coast Line Uceta Yard)

Ratio of Single to Double Track: 97% single track

Level of Trackside Detail: Very Detailed

Amount of Scenery completed: 99% (some branch line track scenery is incomplete)

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 20 – 30 mainline, 10 – 20 in cities.
My computer: Dell XPS Gen4, Pentium 4 Processor 550 with HT Technology, (3.40 GHz, 800 FSB) Microsoft Windows XP, memory 1GB, video card 256MB PCI Express ATI Radeon. Low to mid range systems may experience unacceptable FPS in highly detailed areas.

Activities Provided: Install of Rolling Stock files required to run provided passenger, freight and switching activities.
Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Download of Rolling Stock Files required in order to operate the provided activities.

Add-In Track Sets: None

Xtracks required: V 3.14

Tsection.dat file used: Build 19

Payware or Freeware: Free

URL for More Information and Screenshots: n/a

Known Problems: Additional objects should not be added to the following tiles:
Gary Wye, tile x -11199 z 13667 object count 1274
Plant City, tile x -11185 z 13669 object count 1188
Wildwood, tile x -11180 z 13715 object count 1229

Where it can be downloaded: TrainSim.Com

Extra Information: Attachments include: Timetable, Maps, Elevation Map, work orders and Acknowledgements.
Note: Prototypical signals used by the Seaboard Air Line had a “doll arm” which indicated there was a track between the signal and the track it controlled. These are used throughout the route.
All mile posts indicate the miles from Richmond, VA.

Designer’s email for more info: [email protected]