By Jeff Guck

Version and Release Date: 3.2 (February 25, 2006)

Description: Pokémon World Route v3.2 is the first publicly released version of this route. Set in Kanto and Johto, the route contains over 100 miles of railroading, ranging from mainline running to shortline activities to inter-city commuter service. A tolerance of the Pokémon theme is not necessary as, aside for the GCRR logo and the names of cities, the Pokémon theme is virtually non-existent.

Installation Method: Uses an installer.

Size of Download: Full: Approximately 60 MB. A spanned installer, made up of several 10 MB files, is also available for those with slower connections.

Size of Installed Route: Approximately 340 MB.

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: A mix; a fictional railroad with prototype trackage to resemble prototype operation.

Freight or Passenger: Both.

Era or Genre: Present.

Location: Johto and Kanto, Pokémon World.

Length of Mainline: Goldenrod Central Railroad - 63 miles; Vermilion Metro Rail - 15 miles; Cobalt Transit Authority Railroad - 3 miles; Kanto Subway System - 27 miles.

Length of Branches: GCRR Celadon Industrial Track - 3 miles; GCRR Viridian Running Track - 4 miles; GCRR Goldenrod Industrial Track - 2 miles; GCRR East Goldenrod Industrial Park - 0.5 miles.

Number of Branches: 4.

Number of Sidings: Approximately 40 across the three freight railroads.

Number of Yards: 7. Yards are located in Goldenrod, Viridian and Saffron (GCRR), Vermilion (VMR), Cobalt (CTA), Indigo and Pallet (KSS).

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: The GCRR is double tracked along all 63 miles. The VMR is single track for all but two miles. The CTA is half single track, half double track. The KSS is completely double-tracked. All of the branch lines are single track.

Level of Trackside Detail: Scenery detail extends as far as it is visible. Highly detailed in areas, average density of detail in others.

Amount of Scenery Completed: All scenery is completed.

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: Using default equipment, 20-25 FPS in urban areas and 25-40 FPS in rural areas, on a computer with 1 GB of RAM, 200 GB hard drive running Win XP Media Center Edition with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 video card. Computers with less RAM or the use of non-default stock will alter these specs, so results will vary.

Activities Provided: 19 activities: nine local-style activities, six passenger activities, a yard assignment, a manifest assignment as well as an Introductory Train Ride and a Route Inspection activity giving a brief tour of the line, are included with the download.

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Numerous, see the readme included with the route.

Add-In Track Sets: ScaleRail v1.7 or later and Newroads v3.2 or later MUST be installed for the route to work correctly. The use of Newrds (Newroads with dynamic shadows) may work, but I have not tested this as I used the standard Newroads package.

Tsection.dat file used: Standardized Tsection.dat, release 00031 or later.

Payware or Freeware: Freeware.

URL for More Information and Screenshots:,195.0.html.

Known Problems: For known problems, fixes and upgrades, see the notes in the readme and visit,195.0.html.

Where it can be downloaded: Eastern Seaboard Locomotive Works ( Forum registration at ESLW (free) is required to download files.

Extra Information: Manual (printable) provided in both DOC and PDF format.