Name of route: Utrera-Morón de la Frontera

Version: V1.0

Description: Real line from the RENFE (Spanish National Railways) is located in the South of Spain.

Installation method: 1 executable file.

Size of Download: 179Mb

Size of installed route: 416 MB

Prototypical operation: Freight, Passenger.

XTracks. No

New Road. No

Era: 1975-1980

Location: South of Spain, Seville

Length of Mainline: 38 Km. Utrera-Morón.
Lengtj of Andalusian traver route: La Trinidad-El Arahal 14Km.

Number of Branches 2 ( La Trinidad-El Arahal, section of the Andalusian to traver route, and the branch of the air base of NATO. )

Number of Stations. 3 ( Utrera station, El Sorbito, La Trinidad Juction, El Coronil, Morón de la Frontera and El Arahal ).

All single track non electric.

Trackside detail 100%

FPS 15 to 30 (3.2 GHz, 2 GB ram, graphic card 256 MB)

Activities Provided: Activities made with rolling stock that circulates for this route in the reality.

The necessary consists are in the folder "documentacion"
the necessary rolling stock is available at

Where it can be downloaded:


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