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Thread: Problems with activity editor

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    Default Problems with activity editor

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-02 AT 07:14PM (EST)[/font][p]Whenever i go into activity editor, I can look at routes and watch all the traffic, but I can not do anything else. When I try to modify a path or create a consist, the error reporting box pops up.
    I have uninstalled MSTS , then reinstalled it, and it works fine until I add a new route to MSTS,then it wont work again. I have tried this several times, and it doesn't matter what new route I install, I get the same results.
    I currently have 18 routes installed, not including the default routes, and it only happens when I install a new route. It works fine if I add only rolling stock, but once I add a route, activity editor no longer works.
    I have sent error reports several times with no results, as well as emails.

    I am currently running a pIII 700, with 512 megs of ram, with a radeon graphics card with 32megs of ram on board.

    Any help or thoughts on this would be greatfully appreciated.


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    kevarc Guest

    Default RE: Problems with activity editor

    You need to upgrade your computer

    Kevin Arceneaux

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