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Thread: Beta Testers Needed

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    Default Beta Testers Needed

    We will be ready to Beta Test the Scenic RailWay ROute in 2 Days.

    I am needing Beta Testers that Can Create Activities as well.

    Note: This Beta though called Beta will nearly be a Full completed Route. There will only be some minor additions to it that will not effect Activity creation.

    If you know how to create Activities and can dedicate time to it for 3 Days upon you getting it. Then you are the one I wish to talk to.

    What Kind of Activities can you make in this ROute.
    Best way to determine it is to go and see the Map at then on the left click on Scenic RailWays ROute.

    I just sent an updated Map so check back a few time today to be sure to see the right map ( one way of telling if it s the right Map it should Show the Town of MidValley on it)

    On the Map you will see ( the Yard, EverGreen Steel Co, Intermodal Facility, Iron Works, Fuel Co, Lumber CO, Paper Mill, Flour Mill, Cement Co......

    So you will have variety to work with.

    I could use at least 6 testers, 4 for activites and 2 for checking every switch both directions in the ROute. Note there are alot of switches in this Route.

    For this you will get a Full Production Copy of the ROute with all the New COnsist and 2 SD40-2's one with Dynamic Breaks one without.

    Besides the Industries in this ROute it is packed full of Models from one end to the other.

    Higways packed with traffic, beugtiful night textures, even a small town Drive in may have seen the movie....

    Please let me know asap at
    [email protected]

    Mark Branscum

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    Default RE: Beta Testers Needed

    ok, sign me up


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    Default RE: Beta Testers Needed

    Thank You Sky,

    Your reply email has already been sent and we welcome you aboard.

    Still have room for 4 more testers who Can write Axtivties.

    Mark Branscum

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