I just Upgraded the nectrackteam website (http://hometown.aol.com/nectrackteam/main.html),
to show the sale of NEC Freight Lines RR to Southern Nevada Holding Corporation along with the creation of a new freight shortline on Marias called Western Montana Railroad.
I created 2 new linked activities for the WMRR startup incorporating several new features and procedures including an invention of mine called "Conductor's Notes".
I had done one previous activity (1st Haul) that had 2 levels of difficulty; the tuffy without any popups and an easy one having bunches of them to aid the user.
If you've done this also you'll know first the difficulty of laying out the location events to coincide with the actions for either level to work.
And as I found, most users wanted to do the difficult model and all I did for 2 months was answer emails helping them through the activity. I didn't mind, (met some new folks) but I thought there had to be a better way.
And I think I've found it. I always do printable workorders. The real guys use em! But...Who hasn't made notes of some sort about how they had to do a series of tasks.
So, why not a clipboard, a blank piece of paper and the conductor and engineer with their heads together beforehand to map out their switching moves. They really do anyway.
So now there's a separate printable "Conductor's Notes" in WORD form using a handwritten looking font listing the manuvers and switching moves IF you want to use it.
Go get the activities, the custom locos- cause harold clitheroe did his usual great job and let me know how you like this change.
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