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Thread: Coming soon --- An Activity Pack for 7 routes!!!!

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    Default Coming soon --- An Activity Pack for 7 routes!!!!

    Im currently working on a big activity pack for the following routes;

    Seaview 2, Ohio Rail v8, NEC v2, Marias3, The Full Bucket Line, East Metro Railroad (EMRR) and Florida High Speed Rail (FHSR).

    It will contain a mixture of passenger and freight activities.

    You will need all the following cars and locos for the activities to work; ----- UP Hopper ----- Union Pacific #9710 C44-9 ----- Union Pacific SD40-2 ----- Union Pacific SD90MAC-H - 8508 ----- Union Pacific C30-7 ----- Norfolk Southern 50 Foot Hi-Cube Box ----- Southern Pacific 50 Foot Box Car ----- CWEX Bethgon Hopper ----- Smooth Side Container Cars ----- GATX 67828 48 Foot Funnel Flow Tanker

    You should have all the above if you downloaded the UP Pack ( from lnghairedwizard (for the full bucket line)

    Also needed are; ----- Union Pacific SD90MAC-H - 8500 (reversed) ----- Union Pacific box car #518125. ----- Union Pacific Wooden Caboose ----- UP Big Blow Turbines Installer ----- Sept. 11th Commemerative P42 #911 ----- VIA P42 Genesis Set 4 ------ P32ac Genesis II Set 3 ----- P42 Genesis Set 2 ----- P40 Genesis Set 1 ----- Genesis Sound System Upgrad ----- Ohio Rail Activity Pack 1 (includes locos and cars) ----- Ohio Rail Activity Pack 2 (includes locos and cars) ----- Acela Express power cars #2009 and #2020 ----- Acela Express Coach Repaint and Light Fix ----- New Haven Railroad "Amfleet" Coach } } ----- Amtrak Roadrailers Version 1 } ----- Union Pacific Fuel Tender ----- MSTS Budd 72' Baggage Car - Amtrak Phase III number 1139 (Vermonter) ----- Amtrak Phase III Superliner Set ----- Budd 72' Baggage Car - Amtrak Phase III

    Look out for it in the library sometime before the end of June.

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    Enjoy!! :)

    Lee Navin

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    Default RE: Coming soon --- An Activity Pack for 7 routes!!!!

    Hey Lee,

    Glad too see the Activity pack idea is catching on (using add-ons). Look forward to trying them. Two things, you dont have the OHRR dash9 listed among the add-ons needed in your above post. Also, could you list not only the zip files of the add-ons, but the names of the folders as they should be under the trainset folder?....reason is...not all add-on makers package them the same way, some of them, when unzipped to a temp folder, will have a subfolder (after op0ening the temp folder) that contains the eng. or wag file etc. Other times you only get the files zipped up and the temp folder is the one that actually ends up in the trainset folder. in this case, I simply unzip to a folder with the same name as the zip file instead of naming whatever I want as different people will name it different names. it is these types of add-ons that cause all the errors in activities requiring add-ons and by including the name of the add-0n under trainset folder, you will minimize the headache of errors and renaming files.


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    Default RE: Coming soon --- An Activity Pack for 7 routes!!!!

    since conbuilder wants the folder name and the eng/wag filename to coincided , i usually set it up that way
    I found when I sent an activity to some , they had wildly differing folder names , so this may be a good idea ,
    I say may be , cos I'm not really all that smart , and it's easy to fool me :-)

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    I am :-)

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