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    I'm attempting to create an activity for the Pokey and can't get the lights on the user train & the AI trains to show, and many of the signal lights also aren't working. I searched the fora and found a previous post for an activity which mentioned having to limit the number of loose consists to get the AI train lights and signals to show, but there didn't seem to be a specific limit mentioned. Right now Conbuilder reports 27 loose consists in the activity and 3 active consists. Does anyone know what the limit may be? Thanks.

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    Have you tried to save the activity, and reload from your save point?? Most of the time, that will fix the problem.

    I don't think that the number of loose consists are the problem, most likely the problem is the huge number of lights in high quality modals. From what I understand, most high quality models, use lights on the wheels, and other parts of the locomotive, to add a sheen, or a glare effect.

    Too many lights, cause the other lights to black out, most of the time, doing what I said to do above, will fix it.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I have saved and reloaded several times, and from different points on the activity, but the results are always the same - no lights on the locos or the signals. When I strip the activity of all the AI trains and loose consists, both the signal lights and loco lights on the user train function. In the full activity (unstripped) when I start the user train, I can't even turn on the loco lights with either the H key or the mouse and the cab controls.

    I've also reduced the program settings to lower rendering values (lower quality in the world objects, train objects, etc.) and that doesn't seem to affect it either.

    I think my next step will be to incrementally add consists and AI trains, test each iteration, and see where the problems start to appear.

    Thanks again.

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    I had the same problem when I tried to run a 180 car coal train on the Bluefield East Route -- all the signals and the headlights on the engine went out. Problem was the lights on the cars. I stripped out the light stuff from all of the .wag files (except for the caboose) and now everything works great.

    Route Riter has an option to remove ALL the lights from a selected wag/eng file.


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    Are you guys using BIN? I think the latest bin has fixed the issue of lights. Check out the bin download page.

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    The answer is to reduce the number of lights.No wagon unless it has a tail light modelled needs any lights.Use a "Fred"-available in the FL for your trains.Reduce the number of lights on your locos.Most files I have seen have far too many lights.

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