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Thread: my first cab.

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    Default my first cab.

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Dec-15-01 AT 09:42PM (EST)[/font][p]well this is my first cab i made, its a highly modified acela cab for chris longhurst's ns regiorunner train i reskinned and coverted to diesel. here are some pics of the cab and the train, would appreciate any suggestions or comments. thanks.
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    its actually supposed to be nuclear powered, and has a top speed of around 640mph.

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    I like i like!!

    640mph...hope you have a nice LONG and EXTREMELY gentle curves for the route to run this sucker on, hehe.


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    glad you like it. i was able to get it up to around 640mph on the test track route. then it derailed. on the NEC the fastest i got it to was around 410 on that 1 long stretch of almost straight track somewhere between baltimore and wilmington. but then when i hit a rather mild curve it derailed. the acceleration is like a F-16 with full afterburner on a takeoff roll. 0-180mph in about 12 seconds. i think i tweaked the eng file a bit too much in that area. but i love it. and on the cab. im thinking of making the MFD's backround a greenish color instead of black with bright green lettering, like in some airplanes with the "older" MFD's. i put 5 decimal places on the speedometers just for a unique touch, i also like accuracy. overall it took me about a total of 14 hours work to get the cab perfect and about 36 hours to reskin the ns regiorunner till i was satisfied with it using PSP7 and PS6.
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    turn derail off and run it at full speed up marias. hehe

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