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Thread: Here is a Cab for an EMD1500

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    dnalot Guest

    Default Here is a Cab for an EMD1500


    I normally would not show something this early in development, but I wanted to contribute something to the new forum.

    This is an all-new Cab for an EMD1500 that I have already modeled (but have not yet released). When completed the Cab view will show the locos hood in the window views. All of the 3D animation work has been completed and the CVF file is working smooth. I am just now starting the artwork. The miracle is that I was able to use the cab editor without it ever crashing or corrupting the .CVF file.

    I hope to release the Sw1500 with its Cab around the first of the year. I will keep you posted from time to time.

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    Mark Toland

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    Kuchinator Guest

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    looking very nice so far. do you need a 3d modeling program to start a new cab from scratch? i would very much like to make one from scratch but not sure what i need to do it with. all i have is paint shop pro 7 and photoshop 6 that i use for my reskins.
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    dnalot Guest

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    I model everything in 3D canvas and then load the cab in “passenger view” to make the screen captures. I do this 19 times to get all of the frames for the moving parts and a blank cab with no moving parts. From there I cut each control out using a mask, and then assemble them on a pallet for conversion to an .ACE file with makeace, using the Size option. Simple things like horn handles and buttons can be produced 2D but it would take a very talented artist to do the entire cab in 2D.

    Mark Toland

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    Default RE: Here is a Cab for an EMD1500

    The only thing that I can contribute is WOOOOOOOOOOW!

    Dick van den Hoven

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