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    Hello all! I have downloaded some steam engines, and the readme says to simply copy the scotsman cab files and sound files to the new engine folder. The problem is when I try and run the engine on the sim, I get an error, can't create the cab. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi there. If I read your note correctly I think that you may have coied the cab files into the engine folder rather than the cabview folder of the new engine?? If so you will get this error. The file path should be something like '.../TRAINSET/engine_name/CABVIEW'.

    It also sounds like these instructions are from older files. It is a waste of space to copy these files over and over again. You are better using the alias technique and have only one copy of the files. Search the file library for 'alias' and download the patches which allow you to set this up easily. You then only need to put one file in the CABVIEW folder - the small .cvf file.

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    Thanks for answering so quickly. I copied the whole cabview folder to the new engine folder. I will try the alias thing once I figure it out. Thanks again.

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    If you D/L from this site you will have a left and right cabview with instruments moved accordingly and a view out of the fron tcab window. You can then choose the side you want according to the engine. Put all the original cabyiew folders when making the two's not made clear initially.
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