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Thread: NS1200 cabview - work started.

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    Default NS1200 cabview - work started.

    Now I've got a ton of external models done, it's time to start kitting them all out with cabviews. First up - the NS1200 (Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch Railways - NOT Norfolk/Southern)

    (Roland - can you start this thread on my forum too please? I can't see the forum from the USA at the moment).

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    Default RE: NS1200 cabview - work started.

    And these will be much anticipated!

    You have long been bringing the wider world to the Train Sim audience and now the chance to actually get inside your European models is just great.

    I'll keep looking for them.

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    Default RE: NS1200 cabview - work started.

    I just did, chris and please check your email ;-) :-)

    Greetings Roland
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