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Thread: Where's the Diesel Motor Sound?

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    Meeshu Guest

    Default Where's the Diesel Motor Sound?

    I am currently running some heavy trains using the "dash 9" sound for the locomotives (AC4400's).

    I can hear diesel motor sounds within the cabs, but in locomotive external views (keys 2,3 & 4) all I hear is fans (for radiators and/or traction motors presumably), but NO diesel sound!?

    Realistically, locomotive diesel engine sound can be heard quite clearly for quite some distance from the locomotives, especially for locomotives running with wide open throttles.

    Why is there no or very little diesel sound in external views?
    Am I missing a setting somewhere? Or is there some problem with the sound files? Or what?

    Is there or will there be a patch or alternative file that will realistically simulate exterior diesel sound?


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    Default RE: Where's the Diesel Motor Sound?

    E-mail me and I'll send you a "patch" that I've been working on. It gives the AI diesels a better sound than an old GP38. The AI or extra diesel sounds don't fluctuate with the throttle as the player Locomotive sounds do. This is a flaw in the game.

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