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    michawel Guest

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    I would like to make some sounds of our engines and I would like to change sound mapping in MSTS. I would like for example: as "P" key, "pantograph" will be mapped two sounds, sound when engine motor is stopped and other sound will be when motor is on, logically when pantograph is up, motor is ON, when down motor is Off. Is this mapping possible?
    Or other example: I would like to design some activity and I would like to make something like a trigger, when engine pass some point, sound will play. For example, train is arriving in the station nd I would like to play train station radio. On the 1st track arrived train from Prague, normal arrive at 12.50 pm, next the train continue ........ etc., normal station radio. Is this possible?

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    tulloch Guest

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    I'm starting to play with your idea with the 'P' key, haven't got anywhere yet, BUT I'm working on it.

    [Link Expired] [/MARQUEE] [MARQUEE direction = right ][Link Expired] [/MARQUEE]
    I really gotta stop doing soo much stuff.

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    activitamin Guest

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    we are still waiting for your results.
    thank you

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    BNSF_Dash9 Guest

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    Is there someone out there making a Leslie 5 chime horn? - the CSX units (mainly Geep 40 and SD 40 and SD50) - for australians - the same horn as a BL. this would be a terrific addition - cos it is the best sounding horn!!


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    petersa Guest

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    Hi michawel,

    If the sound of the motor turning off, running, and turning off is combinable into one file, this sort of thing is possible. I'm assuming silence when the engine is off though.

    Some loop points would need to be added in the right spots for the running part, but this is easily done using a wave editor such as Cool Edit or Gold Wave.

    I am fiddling with the Z5600 sounds as we speak and I plan to upload an extension/replacement/modification pack for the Z5600 soon.

    Here's the stream you would need to add to your .SMS file. Adjust the filename and volume accordingly:

    Stream (
    Skip ( *** Power to Train *** )
    Priority ( 6 )
    Triggers ( 2
    Discrete_Trigger ( 45 StartLoopRelease (1 File ( "z5600_power.wav" -1 ) SelectionMethod ( SequentialSelection ) ) )
    Discrete_Trigger ( 46 ReleaseLoopReleaseWithJump() )
    Volume ( 0.2 )

    Hope this helps!

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