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Thread: Con-Builder-Friendly Brills :-)

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    Default Con-Builder-Friendly Brills :-)

    Thanks to Dick van De Hoven, our Brill 11-window Semi's can be used in this program. With Chuck Zeiler's patience, we also will have improved sounds with the next Brill in line for uploading, the 1052, "The Oaks". Hopefully I will be able to get this out to you soon.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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    Default RE: Con-Builder-Friendly Brills :-)

    Wow, great! Thanks Tim. That's a fine looking car.
    Well to be honest, my part on the 1051 was a very little one.
    Replace some ampersands and put in an empty line above the Engine line. That's all.
    But nice to hear that my work was helpfull. :-)

    Dick van den Hoven
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