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Thread: Neighborhood Trolley Stand In and Route uploaded

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    Default Neighborhood Trolley Stand In and Route uploaded

    I just finished uploading the Neighborhood Trolley Stand In and a route called My Neighborhood, to run it on. They sould appear in tne next day or two.

    The Cars. This is not a stand alone model. You will need the original cars (tranlin8) from
    under this sub link:
    The Neighborhood Trolley Standin is an add on that set.
    What you will get is a 1 meter version of a drivable NHT standin, a standard size one and a 1 meter red trailer. Please note that the cab on this is very simple, like a child could use. Also note there is no pole, the orignal pictures I can find of the car in the show was also pole less.The cars parked in the freight house lead.The Standard size car is in the back.

    The route: This is not done. There is no equivalent to the Land of Make Believe and several other icons that are not here, but it is done enough to use. It is a collection of Wyes and loops. This means the AI will not like most of what you try to do, but it is fun to try to out think it. It also means that sometimes the AI loses track of what needs to be done and cars wind up going places they should not. Result, some rather interisting crashes.
    Please see the readme for stock requirments for the activities.

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    Default RE: Neighborhood Trolley Stand In and Route uploaded

    Sweeeeeeet.... cant wait to run

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    Hi all,
    The links above no longer work. Where can I get the trolley file, tranlin8???

    Thank you much,
    At my age, 'Happy Hour' is a nap

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    Hardly surprising as this is a 10 year old thread!

    Anything via the Wayback Machine, perhaps?

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    OK, thanks. I got it from a friend.

    At my age, 'Happy Hour' is a nap

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