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Thread: TrainSim Screen Shot Archive

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    Hey those are some GREAT pictures you have there and especially the work you have done to display them. Nice job, my hat is off to you. I looked them all over, and you should post some here to your own topics for so everyone can enjoy them.

    To post them using a link you NORMALLY just cut and past the http:// address like I do with my signature tag below. But in your case because you use and access them through a cgi (program) you can't just grab the link at the top of the browser.

    I tried to open the photo in a window of its own so I could get the direct link but that didn't work with the due to the fact that there is a cgi that makes an access to a mysql database, so I viewed the source of the page with the photo on it, then found where it called the image with the cgi, and copied the whole link. This still resulted in a link here rather than a photo maybe because of the cgi, but you get to take a look. (Note: at one point fotopic was having a mysql error trying to connect fit when I tried so beware)

    Your other option is - right click the photos and bring them down to your machine then upload them here. Several people here have written very good articles and left messages on how to do that, and I've captured several of them in this faq I am working on .. check the "How do I upload to the forums?" Hope this helped :)


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    There haven't been any updates on the archive site for a couple weeks. Is there a problem? I am looking forward to seeing some of my shots there.

    Cal Rasmussen
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    I thought that was exclusive Train Sim forum screenshots? How did a couple of F-14 Tomcat pictures sneak in there during the month of June? I just thought that a bit out of place.

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