On a cold December morning in 1954 I was lucky enough to catch a pair of fairly new GP-9's on an Eastbound freight. At Gold Run they passed a local freight still powered by one of the few 2-8-0 consolidations still in service. It won't be much longer before they are gone forever from the railroad. A little further up the hill a Westbound empty reefer drag was met at the siding at Midas. Since the train is diesel powered and uses the engine dynamic brakes they are no longer required to stop and cool the wheels. Had this tain had an AC on the head end it would have had to stop here as well as several other spots on the hill to let-er cool down a bit. At the tail end is another of the new GP-9's helping to keep the speed in check. The railroad is still experimenting to find the right combination for safe and efficient operation of the new diesels.
Donner Pass 1 route, Engines and cars from the route as well as the file library. The GP-9's are from the MLT SP heritage pack and are slightly modified.

Wu Shin
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