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Thread: Trainz edition(s) question

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    Default Trainz edition(s) question

    Just wondering (and perhaps there is no answer yet since it's only in beta so far):

    If one orders Trainz online now, and gets the pre-store release via mail , will one get a better, worse, or same edition as the planned American store shelf game?

    I don't mean in aspects of bugs, versions, or other patchable differences, but besides a different box and manual, will the software have different country/language-based editions?

    example of bad practice:
    JoWood (from Austria) released 4 or 5 different editions of Traffic Giant for different countries/regions over a 2 year period and only patched certain editions, and didn't provide patches or adequate support for people who got the US edition since it was the last edition released to stores and thought to be a "finished" bug-free product (which it was not). Different country's editions are not compatable with each other.

    example of good practice:
    PopTop (with GOD Games as the publisher) released Tropico for multiple countries/regions all at once and other than the cover art (US release omitted looming Castro figure on cover :P) the software was identical for every country so that when a patch is released, there is only that 1 patch for all countries and everyone got to enjoy the game at the same time. Somone who has the game that was released in the UK has the exact same game as someone who has the game released in the US.

    ...or will Trainz have one single universal edition for the entire world (as all software should) to make support, patching, and file swapping easier? -Pick your language on install and all the code is the same except for the language support that you chose to install off the CD.

    This is of great concern to me, as people who don't live in the initial release's country usually get the software last of all and worse still, patches last of all. I understand that in Germany people still love Amigas and so they'll probably need a different edition (j/k but if the shoe fits... :P) but must we all suffer?

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    Default RE: Trainz edition(s) question

    As far as I see the release will be worldwide with no country differences. The other thing pertaining to your question that John Banks mentioned is that there may be a patch or two available on-line for those who ordered Trainz by internet before the retail release IF there are mods made inbetween. See the thread entitled: "Maintenance Releases for Online Trainz Version" in the Trainz Discussion forum on the Auran site.

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