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    Eye candy is nice. Cute models are cool. What I'm really interested in is Operation. If the beta testers wouldn't mind, could you comment on how Trainz handles switching and other traffic?

    Thanks a million.


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    Shamless bump.

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    Crow, seems like there's not much action here. You might want to go to the Trainz forum, sign up for their newsletter, and read and post there. There are a lot of folks concerned that the initial release, without the Yardmaster module (which apparently will function like the Activity Editor in MSTS when it's eventually finished), will offer little more than Explore activities with static consists. Apparently there is a way to get the static consists to move, but until the Yardmaster comes out, operations are going to suffer.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-01 AT 10:37PM (EST)[/font][p]The ability exists within a preliminary "settings" menu, accessed prior to entering the 3-D world, to determine whether the train(s) not under your immediate control will sit idle until you move control to them or whether they will move automatically and react to speed restriction signs and signals.

    You can only switch turnouts manually in this initial package.
    "Yardmaster", the next module, will provide the ability to map AI paths, where turnouts would automatically switch in accordance with the route you've chosen for a particular consist.

    Therefore it IS possible, in this initial release, to set up a basic AI operation simply by how you want the auto-control to operate.

    In addition, you can switch your control from loco to loco, infinitely.

    These two aspects simply mean that you have FAR more flexibility in this debut release of Trainz than you do in Explorer mode in MSTS.


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    In fact, Auran have just posted a very pertinent statement about this subject.
    If you go to the Trainz Forum and the thread about the Default Package you'll find John Banks' post this morning.


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    In January of this years, John Banks of Auran posted quite a comprehensive discription of the Trainz project. Here is the text in full:


    Immediately prior to and over the Xmas break a range of diverse questions were posted about Trainz features etc. Here are the answers that we are able to release at the moment. We will be providing significantly more information over the coming months, including Screenshots and other in game preview content Please be aware that all dates stipulated in the following information may well be effected by other distribution options that we are currently exploring, many as a result of feedback from this forum. If this should occur we will notify you. We anticipate that some of our answers should provoke some interesting responses, particularly on the potential consequences of collisions and derailments in Trainz Online

    1) When will Trainz be released in 2001?

    We will announce a firm release date at the appropriate stage in Trainz development. First release will be this year, however game development is subject to many variables that directly influence release schedules. Our policy is to only announce release dates when we are certain that we will make them.

    2) Will the train be effected by weight and load?

    Yes, load and track conditions will both play a part in the performance of trains.

    3) In Multiplayer will there be an option to have Train races


    4) Will Catenary Wires be available for our railways.


    5) Will Trainz model the different Electric systems?

    We will be representing a standard, generic electric system as the default condition. However, an option will be available that limits you to running the appropriate locomotives on a given electric system. As with many features in Trainz the level of high realism will be optional.

    6) Will Trainz include failures and disasters such as derailments and collisions? If yes, will failures be an option or mandatory?

    Yes, failures and disasters will be a feature of Trainz. However, Trainz is a family oriented product and therefore collisions and derailments will not be graphically represented. A text box will alert players to the event of a failure or disaster and the consequences that follow. In stand alone single player Trainz disasters and failures will be optional; for online, mulitplayer Trainz they will be mandatory.

    7) Will Trainz feature natural disasters such as rock slides, broken rails, blizzards, washouts, etc?

    Yes, this feature will be included in release 2 of Trainz Driver.

    8) Will the damage sustained by locomotives and rolling stock in failures and disasters be potentially permanent?

    In the stand alone version of Trainz damage effects will be optional. However, in multiplayer Trainz online any damage sustained may well be permanent depending on the extent of damage. It is possible that your collectible Locomotive would be totally destroyed. Any locomotives and rolling stock irreparably destroyed will not be replaceable or recoverable. In the Trainz online world there are consequences to collisions and derailments! We're sure this feature will provoke some debate and we look forward to your comments

    9) What type of signalling system will be included in the first release of Trainz?

    The first release version of Trainz will be strictly stand-alone single player and not online multiplayer. For this reason signalling will be automatic and a default standard system. More complex and player interactive signalling options and systems will be introduced in the Trainz Dispatcher module.

    10) In signalling for Trainz online multiplayer what are the consequences of a poor signaller? For example, if a collision occurs due to the error of a signaller is your Trainz collectible locomotive damaged or even possibly destroyed?

    The consequences of player error in signalling may well include significant damage or total destruction to your collectible locomotive and rolling stock. In the online multiplayer Trainz world mistakes and errors will have consequences, so chose your signallers carefully To make this task easier all players will have a profile that includes a record of any accidents or collisions that they have been involved in or contributed to. You may well decide not to join a session with a player who has a record of many collisions.

    11) Will the track in Trainz be of one standard or will different gauges be represented?

    There will be an option to use different gauges. However, we use the universal gauge of 1435 mm as the default condition.

    12) Will Trainz Surveyor include an automatic route or layout generator?

    Time permitting we would like to include this feature, but doubt that it will make it into the first release. We may be able to include this feature in a subsequent release, and we will be releasing the file formats so it is possible that this could be user created.

    13) Will a downloadable demo of Trainz be released?

    A Demo version of Trainz will not be necessary as the core modules in the first release will be free. Prior to the first release of Trainz we will be conducting a limited external Beta test followed by a publicly available Beta 2 trial product.

    14) When will we be able to start submitting orders for Trainz Collectibles?

    We will announce the pricing for Trainz collectibles in March. A demo of the Trainz E-Commerce service will be up in May to demonstrate how purchases and orders will function. We will start accepting pre-orders for Trainz collectibles in July at about the same time we expect that the Beta 2 trial version of Driver will be available.

    15) Will Trainz realistically model the swaying of the Cab as the locomotive picks up speed?

    Yes, as far as is practicable.

    16) Will Trainz Surveyor include a tool that allows players to create buildings with relative ease?

    No, you will need to use a 3D modelling software package to create buildings and structures from scratch. Surveyor will allow you to place and position buildings that will be available in various Trainz packs.

    17) In single player Trainz will there be computer generated or controlled rail traffic or will you be all alone on the layout?

    Computer generated and controlled traffic is part of the functional specification of Trainz Online. However, with the release of Driver version 1 you will be able to place multiple trains from your collection onto a layout. You will only ever be able to directly control and drive one locomotive at any given time. You will then have the option of switching your point of control to another locomotive, or even to a viewing position on say a trackside platform. In the event that you shift your point of control away from a particular locomotive the computer generated AI will automatically take over the operation of that train. This computer AI will obey automated signals.

    18) Will there be a timetable feature that can be linked to layouts? For example, when you have created a layout can you then make a timetable that applies to the rail traffic on that layout?

    This is an excellent idea and one that we have been considering. It will be a feature of the Trainz Boss and Dispatcher modules.

    19) How long will it take to create one mile of track layout in the Surveyor editor?

    The answer to this question very much depends on the level of detail (scenery, structures, etc.) in that one mile area. However, assuming that the one mile is relatively straight and flat (a desert say) it will take approximately 10 to 20 seconds: it is simply a matter of clicking points with the mouse. However, placing trees, buildings and changing elevation levels will add to the time involved. Creating one mile of track in a mountainous area with significant elevation changes could take an hour or more depending on the level of detail that you are implementing.

    20) Will it be possible to build factories and industries with the Trainz Surveyor editor?

    You will be able to place appropriate industry structures but not create them from scratch. To create such structures you will need to use a 3D Software package.

    21) Will maintenance of way equipment such as cranes be released at some stage?

    Yes, this type of equipment will feature in the Trainz Workshop module.

    22) When playing Trainz will it be possible to connect to other railroads and interchange traffic with them?

    This feature will be supported for multiplayer Trainz online.

    23) Will the first release of Trainz include scenarios that can be completed. For example finishing a run within a given time period?

    This feature will be released with the Trainz Pioneer module.

    24) Will there be a programming side to the Trainz Surveyor route editor?

    This feature will be available with the integration of Trainz Surveyor and Boss modules.

    25) How will you actually control the locomotive while driving?

    Basically by interacting with the interface using the standard mouse and keyboard. More details about the interface will be released at the appropriate stage of the Trainz project.

    26) Will locomotives in Trainz need to load up on fuel and sand before heading out on a run? Will general maintenance tasks be required to keep your locomotive working efficiently?

    These features will be introduced with the Trainz Workshop module.

    [This message has been edited by John_Banks (edited 12 January 2001).]

    I think, these plans make Trainz into a very exciting project which will in due time offer something to everybody.


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    Default RE: Realistic Operation

    Wow..Thanks for that for this one

    3) In Multiplayer will there be an option to have Train races


    AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW boohooohoooo damnit........

    Catchya's very droolable reading...

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    As with all software development projects, features change. Since I made the above post back in January Trainz has moved ahead. For updated details about Trainz's features please visit

    The most significant recent development is the announcement that Trainz's publisher is Strategy First. Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions or comments that you may have.


    John Banks
    [email protected]

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    Wow, thanks for the responses guys!

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