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    Let us hope that they can model the "Flying Scotsman" and others more prototypically than the sorry excuses in MSTS (no offence Mr. Gates).

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    akochan Guest

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    It's offense and you should be sure to go out of your way to offend Mr. Gates as he makes Alfred P. Sloan look like a nun.

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    BigDave Guest

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    Could you explain your meaning?

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    akochan Guest

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    Alfred P Sloan : Guilty of numerous anti-trust violations and poor business ethics. Ran General Motors and used multiple levels of dummy corporations to buy nearly every public and private light rail transit corporation in the county. Shutdown the trolley and rail services in all major and minor US cities and replaced them with buses with deliberately innefficient schedules. Formed the Freeway commision that ensured cities would be divided up by large, ugly, elevated highways. All to sell a few more cars. He was directly responsible for the rise of the automobile and overly freewayed cities (like Los Angeles)and the demise of light rail and bicycle transit that is only just now starting to make a comeback.

    If it wasn't for Alfred P Sloan we would not have:
    Inneficient and money-losing public transit.
    City neighborhoods divided, razed, ruined by elevated highways.
    Huge suburban sprawls and suburb-like sprawling cities.
    Trucks replacing rail freight.
    People who don't understand the concept of exclusion zones and think that they can run over me and my track bike without getting a NYC Kryptonite shoved up their ureathra. :P

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    Couldn't agree more with you, Andy!
    Bill Gates said at the beginning of his career that he wanted a PC in every home. He didn't say that he also wanted every PC owner to pay tax to him. But that's what he effectively got.
    Where is the much cherished American freedom of choice here? Soon Microsoft will start charging for everything, including Internet Explorer, and then we really will know what we allowed to happen.
    BTW, Gates got a rap over his knuckles by the American government recently. Do you think, this will make any difference?


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