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Thread: Switch cab ends? Start and stop prime movers?

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    Default Switch cab ends? Start and stop prime movers?

    Couple questions I just though of for you beta testers....

    I know that you can switch control from one train to another that is placed on your routes, but I was wondering...say you have a back-to-back pair of F7s (or a European-style "double cab" diesel or electric). Suppose you get to the end of the line and you want to run around your train. Will you be able to switch over to the cab on the other end and and drive from there?

    I have also heard that you will be able to actually start up and shut down the prime movers on diesel locos. Is this true?

    Much oblidged.

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    Default RE: Switch cab ends? Start and stop prime movers?

    I asked about the cabs a while back. According to the beta testers you can switch cabs between all active locos, even when coupled together. You cannot however change cabs in a dual cabbed loco, which I imagine would hamper operations a little because if you change direction you are forced to switch to an outside view to see where you're going. Perhaps they will look at this as otherwise it will be a serious limitation for budding Trainz Drivers.

    As for the starting and stopping the engines I'm not sure so perhaps someone could enlighten us :).

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