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    Hi guys

    Ive just installed Windows XP and cannot access the web site for Auran. any ideas?

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    A little more info would help.

    What are you getting, anything at all?

    In your xp install do you know if your browser has the plugins, for flash, shockwave, and so on. These can sometimes keep you from making it in to a site.

    If you want to test that go to a FLash site seee if you can get in.

    Not sure what all is on their site as far as whats running in the background, but do you have Java enabled?

    You asked for ideas, these are a few I have ancountered. If they dont apply, then sorry couldnt help.


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    I am using Win XP and can access Auran's site easily. Must be your browser setup.


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    Also, make sure your Macromedia Flash 9 is installed, go to for the upgrade.

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