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    i think the guy's at auran have trainz 2 in the pipeline, or have a few suprises in store for us. this applies more to the australian usere, but affects all. i am a member, and hense recieve the newsletter. on the header, is a picture of a 'national rail DL'., however, on the trainz website under australia, it isn't there?
    other members who get the newsletter can agree.
    makes you think, don't it!!!!!

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    Trainz 2? Trainz 1.0 isn't even out yet and yardmaster is next up. I'd not get too excited about release 2 which will be steam, as I think its a ways off. then again...... :) They have surprised us before... why not again?

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    There are 10 modelws and numerous branchline and commuter packs to come out before they even start, i bet it will be at least 5 years

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    Trainz 2 I dont thinks so not just yet. Apparently there are going to be a number of "frree" downloads "rolling stock or motive power.....not sure" But I think you can see the the "themed" loco pack like MTS add-on America / Canada becoming available for Trainz.... and to be honest I would pay for it if it was at a reasonable price like the MTS add-on content.


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    I don't beleave there will be a Trainz 2 because Trainz is an ongoing story (like it or not -- i do)
    Allready the talk about a service pack so I guess that steam comes either with a new module like yardmaster or with a service pack


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