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Thread: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

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    Default Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    Ive just cut n pasted the following from the Trainz web site.. Its author is of course Greg lane.. I was waiting for him to put this over here... But hey ! I beat him to it :}


    Trainz Community Edition (2nd December 2001 until 9th December 2001)
    On Friday the 30th of November Auran began shipping the Community Edition of Trainz to customers all over the world. Today, the 3rd of December it's the locals turn with Trainz being dispatched to our Australian customers. This shipment marks the beginning of a long term commitment by Auran to bring model railroading to your PC and the endless hours of enjoyment that comes with it.

    Perhaps even more significant is Auran's commitment over the coming months to continued development and enhancement of Trainz with the release of various 'Collection Packs', new modules and 'Service Packs', all slated for release next year.

    First off there will be three new 'Collection Packs' available within weeks of release. These packs add to your Trainz experience by bringing new locos, rolling stock and routes as well as new scenery items from a variety of countries from all over the world.

    Next up you will see the release of Yardmaster, a new module that adds detailed visual activities to Trainz. Yardmaster allows you to run your railroad just like the real thing by adding a large number of new features and enhancements to the Trainz environment.

    Next, our commitment to continued improvement of the product, will see a Service Pack for Trainz available just two weeks after the 'Community Edition' release. Trainz 'Service Packs' are much more than mere bug fixes or patches. Each release will include additional improvements, assets and features. For example SP1 increases Trainz performance by up to 20%, adds DirectX support, includes a new item of rolling stock and adds a user configurable 'sign' that can be used to name a Station or mark the entrance to a town! Why? Because you asked for it!

    Finally our support for the 3rd party development community has meant that a number of companies are now developing add on products for Trainz and over the coming months you will see an ever increasing number of locos, rolling stock and scenery becoming available.

    Trainz is first and foremost a model railroad for your PC...and just as with a model railroad, you can collect a wide array of new and exciting additions for your layouts. Just like a model railroad, you can join your layouts with other people's. Eventually...just like a model railroad, you'll be able to take your locos and drive them around one huge layout online with all of your friends. Trainz is a hobby that will grow with the support of Auran and the wider Trainz community. We know that the main reason all of this is possible is the development of a very strong and supportive community. This is precisely why we called this edition of Trainz the "Community Edition". It's our way of saying thanks to all of the people who have helped to create this great game and who will assist us to continue to improve and mould it into a truly great hobby game. We look forward to seeing all of the exciting activities and content that emerges from the wider Trainz community over the coming months and years. Auran is dedicated to working with the community to make Trainz the most extensive PC railroad imaginable.

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    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    I wish that Auran beamed the package to me instead of making me wait a few weeks for delivery. Jeffrey.

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    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    Got it yesterday!!!!!

    It's GOOOOOODD!!!!!!


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    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    There's a lot of talk here about collection packs and service packs etc. Are these all to be free, if not it's a bit like selling a car and then charging for spare parts such as the engine and the seats.
    If they are to be free then they have obviously released the game before it is finished. Once again, you wouldn't buy a car and then go back in a few weeks time to have the wheels fitted.


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    Nate0125RS Guest

    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    Collection packs will probably not be free, as they are to be more rolling stock, engines, objects, etc.

    Service packs will be free, and the cool thing is they may also include some new objects and train stuff!

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    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    From what I've seen (I participated in Trainz beta test), Auran has no interest in fleecing their customers.

    The service packs will contain the usual fixes, but also a little free content (maybe a new terrain object, a new car, etc). They are working *very* hard to release the first service pack almost immediately and will follow up with free add-ons through the life of Trainz. I have and enjoy MSTS also, but compare that to the number of patches and support from MSTS from MS / Kuju.

    If you have the program, take a look at the Surveyor module ASAP. It is *much* easier and less buggy than the MS tools for layout creation. As a tested I had absolutely no documentation and only one page of unfinished on-line help. In a few hours I was making excellent looking dioramas. In about three weeks I finished and posted the first public Trainz layout for download. I'm no artist and it's not perfect, but it looks damned nice considering my skills :-)

    Regarding content packs: the built-in program has a large number of world engines and cars (except no steam right now) as well as enough scenery to create the included layouts and the others folks have released or are working on. The content packs will simply add additional sets of engines, cars, and scenery objects for other parts of the world. The game is fine without any additional content. There will also be plenty of add-on engines, cars, layouts, and reskins created once designers start getting the release copies.

    I'm still waiting for my final release but expect to get started on some loco reskins and other projects pretty quickly.

    Hope that helps explain.


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    Baz47 Guest

    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    Thanks for the explanations regarding collection and service packs.

    I have no reason to doubt Auran's sincerity regarding their customers as I have never heard of them before. Also I don't want to get into a Trainz V MSTS debate. What I can't understand is that people (including the authors themselves) seem to be accepting that when this game comes out it will be second rate and buggy. Why should anyone spend time on post release fixes when it hasn't even been released? If they know of any bugs now, then they shouldn't appear in the final release, should they?

    People also seem to be judging this game on how good its editors are and the possibility of independent downloads. Just a wild guess on my part but I would say that at least 75% of MSTS owners have no desire and/or Knowledge to tinker with game editors and only want to play the game out of the box. As for downloads, if a game has enough to keep me happy, why should I need to add to it.

    I am neither for nor against this game as I haven't seen it yet but everyone who has praised it in these forums has then gone on to mention all the forthcoming improvements. It's begining to sound to me like it should be "shareware".

    Sceptical Baz.

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    dgauci Guest

    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    >What I can't understand is
    >that people (including the authors
    >themselves) seem to be accepting
    >that when this game comes
    >out it will be second
    >rate and buggy. Why should
    >anyone spend time on post
    >release fixes when it hasn't
    >even been released? If they
    >know of any bugs now,
    >then they shouldn't appear in
    >the final release, should they?

    After having spent months telling us how much better Trainz will be than MSTS, the hard reality has hit. Trainz appears to be very buggy, and the fact that it needs immediate bug fixes is being represented as a virtue. Reality bites.

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    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    dgauci how do you know its buggy ? did you buy yourself a copy ? Or just blindly listening to others rants and raves ?

    The reason for the service pack is because just after they had burnt the first round of disks for us hungry starving fans to get a hold of.. They found improvements.. Unexpected improvements and so they will pass them on as soon as comfortably possible

    (Its great to sit in a chat channel with the CEO and all other forms of staff from Auran, very informative bunch of guys Anyone know what an MSTS worker looks or types like ?)

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    GandyDancer Guest

    Default RE: Trainz Community edition is shipping now !!

    I have not recieved my version of Trainz yet, but I do not expect it to follow MSTS format.
    By this statment I view Trainz as a different approach to model railroading using a computer. I feel that with both Trainz, and MSTS in the market place we will all benifit from the improvements that each vendor makes to their product. Everyone just knows that when Micro$oft finally releases a patch or update, that it will correct and add features that we have all asked for on this and other forums. Aurian has been doing this with the members of its forums. In the long run we are the ones that benifit.

    Sam Schulenburg

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