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    dgallina Guest

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    I have finished and posted my first complete Trainz layout, The Sagatukett River Railroad. It's a small to medium point-to-point layout with three medium towns and lots of industries for switching as well as main-line running. 7 baseboards were used, so some curves are sharp and there are one or two steep (between 3 and 6%) grades.

    Here's the mandatory screenshot:

    [Link Expired]

    You can download the file from my home page,
    It's about 500k compressed.

    You must have Trainz Beta 2 or newer (the Community Release) to run.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks Diego

    I just downloaded it from Auran. Just waiting for Trainz to run it


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    DJErnie2001 Guest

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    This layouts amazing! It's better than the ones that come with the game!

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    dgallina Guest

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Download the latest version, 2.01, from my site or from Auran. It includes some bug fixes to turnouts that were too sharp as well as much smoother and better grades. They are still somewhat steep but down to between 1% and 3%. Much more drivable.


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