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Thread: Some screenshots from Surveyor..

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    Default Some screenshots from Surveyor..

    Finally last night, I was able to run the TRAINZ beta and play with Surveyor..(windows XP and video card/opengl issues...)
    I was absolutely blown away. I only had about a half hour to play, but this is what I got done..Note the detail sliders are set at midway for these shots..
    I was amazed at just how well Surveyor works as a terrain building tool... Funny, but the terrains remind me a bit of work done in either Vistapro or Bryce..nice artistic or painted feel to them..
    Enjoy the jpgs...


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    Default RE: Some screenshots from Surveyor..

    Agh.. They look Beautifull.. I should have my full version in 12 hours or so .. Never felt so excited :)

    Thanks for the pics..


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