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Thread: Will Auran be making a demo?

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    Default Will Auran be making a demo?

    The price of this game is more expensive than MSTS and the screenshots haven't really impressed me all that much. However, the game itself may be fun to play and the Surveyor module looks interesting. I also have a fairly low spec system (PII400). With all things considered, I really don't feel like spending the amount of money Auran are asking for without some knowledge of how the program will run and if I will even enjoy playing it. A demo may go a long way towards convincing me and others of whether the program is worth it or not. The obvious time to produce a demo would be when the game is released properly. It would only need one or two locos, a few items of rolling stock, one small route and a version of surveyor that doesn't allow saving.


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    Default RE: Will Auran be making a demo?

    Yes, Auran will put out a demo. Most likely it will appear around Jan/Feb, soon before the retail version of Trainz will be released.

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