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    can someone tell me how much room (in gigabites) trainz takes up on your computer, as i only have about 1 GB free!!

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    It doesnt take up a Gig thats all i know. It takes up somewere around 100mb - 300mb i think.


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    Mine takes up 250mb.


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    I emailed a complete zipped up route to was 312kb zipped..

    The game sits in it folder at 246 MB.., So with one gig..You could probably add about 8 routes or more of fair size..on top of the 3 allready in the game.. Route swapping has never been so much fun..

    Oh and imagine this.. You have your like it, Someone send you a new one..You like that 2 but you feel you would like to drive on both of them at the same time ? Well load yourself into one map..Whilst in the click the merge route tool..Up pops a list of routes on your harddrive..Select your 'other' fav route..tick yes..Up pops a birds eye map just simply scroll the new map onto the edge of the map your on (could be the north side. west etc ) when your happy witht were the merging points ok, computer caches for s few seconds then Tudaa..your back on your route, scroll over to what was once an edge and there you will see the other landscape ajoined to yours..

    So it now a simple matter of joining the tracks from route one to route 2 to increase your layout lenght..then time to play :)

    Heres a picture of the 3 demo routes that i merged together for practise..

    [Link Expired]

    I wish MSTS was this easy, Hopefully they'll pick it up for version 2..

    Anyhoo..hope that answered your question somehow :P


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    thanks for that. i may join the revolt!!!!

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