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    my eyeballs are hanging out! I have 15 hours sleep in 5 days, my wife is nagging me! My 20 month Grandson, who grabs my hand and takes me into the Computer room, has started to take me out of it now!!
    I have now got about 6 km's of Double track heading South from my Home Town to the Big Smoke, only 295 to go!
    Well I always try the impossible first.
    How I love this game! But how frustrating! I know it is beta, and the problems will be fixed [I'm just not sure if these are beta probs]
    Can you get a perfect curve?
    Can you get the gradient tool to work, that is a 1% grade, up and curving to the right, crest and 1.5% down and curving to the left. When I try to join two grades they invariably merge.
    How do you change tracks? on the demo versions all these ugly flags clutter up the landscape, can you turn them off, perhaps after setting up your route. I would much prefer a Train Control panel that you could click into, and throw a switch!
    How do you stop the ground from folding up underneath, and causing the train to derail. How do you model tracks and save them...they look perfect. You go off and model the other end of the loop, and save that, look back at the first end, and tracks have all reconfigured themselves, tying themselves in knots.
    How does anybody get anything out of the manual. I am a Locomotive Driver, and I guess page upon page of how "we" drive trains is cool, but one and a half columns mainly about signalling but called track laying is very frustrating...
    Even so the models are very good looking. The sounds are excellent, the scenery is beautiful......if I could only run the trains on it ;o((((
    ps I still like MSTS, I got to learn 3D modelling quick!!

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    Snake999 Guest

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    As far as the grade goes, when you lay a piece of track it has a rotating circle at each end (spline), if you set a grade like 1.00 and click on one circle it raises the other circle at the opposite end. If you try doing it as you connect track it will not work because each track you connect will drop one end to the zero ground level so what I do is make the curve then starting at the beginning of the curve I raise my track 1 piece at a time, this way the first track goes from 0.00 to 1.00, then the second piece is from 1.00 to 2.00 and etc etc. Hope I explained that in an easy to understand way :)

    Another way I have found to do it is to use the apply height button to each circle so that it turns from white to yellow, then use the spline height adjust button under advanced to actually raise/lower the track by hand, if you lower your camera view to ground level you can easily raise/lower long sections of track and if they are slightly off it will not matter because you can use the smooth option to smooth out any rough spots.

    Hope this helps.

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    >Can you get a perfect curve?

    Just a question of practice. Inserting more nodes (spline insert tool) will give you more control over the shape of the curve to finely tune it.

    >Can you get the gradient tool
    >to work, that is a
    >1% grade, up and curving
    >to the right, crest and
    >1.5% down and curving to
    >the left. When I try
    >to join two grades they
    >invariably merge.

    For each grade use a separate track spline. Apply the curvature and grade (apply gradient tool) to each spline, then bring up the land underneath to finish off (smooth track tool).

    >How do you change tracks? on
    >the demo versions all these
    >ugly flags clutter up the
    >landscape, can you turn them
    >off, perhaps after setting up
    >your route. I would much
    >prefer a Train Control panel
    >that you could click into,
    >and throw a switch!

    you can change the points (switches) either in external view mode as you approach them by clicking on the red/green arrows, or by bringing the map view (zooming in helps). It would be nice to be able to change from within the cab - perhaps that will be implemented soon.

    >How do you stop the ground
    >from folding up underneath, and
    >causing the train to derail.

    Not exactly sure what you mean, but remember when laying track over bumpy ground use the 'Smooth Track' tool to bring the ground to track level.

    >How do you model tracks
    >and save them...they look perfect.
    >You go off and model
    >the other end of the
    >loop, and save that, look
    >back at the first end,
    >and tracks have all reconfigured
    >themselves, tying themselves in knots.

    Track laying is very intuitive, but sometimes when you connect splines they can do unexpected things, especially in congested areas. Try spacing out the layout of junctions so nodes are not too near each other. An added benefit is that it also makes driving and changing switches clearer and easier. So start simple and methodical.

    >How does anybody get anything out
    >of the manual. I am
    >a Locomotive Driver, and I
    >guess page upon page of
    >how "we" drive trains is
    >cool, but one and a
    >half columns mainly about signalling
    >but called track laying is
    >very frustrating...

    I found the manual very good, although some more detailed explanations would be appreciated here and there. Again, practice with your own layouts using different techniques and styles. I found the movies (on the CD, and the Trainz site) useful for learning basic techniques.

    >Even so the models are very
    >good looking. The sounds are
    >excellent, the scenery is beautiful......if
    >I could only run the
    >trains on it ;o((((
    >ps I still like MSTS, I
    >got to learn 3D modelling

    Yes, it brings a new meaning to the phrase 'The Beautiful Game'. I've had no probs running trains, apart from when I placed a long consist over a switch that was set for the wrong road in the middle of my train - instant derailment!

    If you need more help, I suggest you get on over to the Trainz site and forums

    Have fun,
    David. :-)

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    Default RE: OK now..............

    Thanks fellas that does put a different light on things. The only answer I did not get from here and the Auran Forum was how to "provide" a facility to change the points. In frustration I placed the bloody Signal box (or tower) point (switch) lever beside one of the bloody points and you guessed (;o0) it worked.
    This has got to go! Why would not a indicator panel similar to the consist panel be placed on the bottom of the screen showing the track ahead of the train depending on direction of travel, and the next 3 or 4 switches and the colours of the signals. A mouse click will change the switch, and the panel will automatically upgrade to the new route, and on and on!!
    Does anyone know if those flags and things can be cleared from the drivers view, to make
    Well the 15 hours sleep had a lot to do with it...I mean the sleep I got today! and things are looking very good already.
    As far as the smoothing tool goes, I used that to fill in under the gradients, but not along the flats. Here I got a height under the compass at say 0.03 then checked the entire track by raising or lowering the ground under the track to 0.03.
    The points seem to fall into knots as I recheck the route before the final save. as advised here I am spacing the points further apart and ensuring the splines DO overlap...I am sure that will solve the problem. Tonight I can do nothing. My new machine is here, but my 512 meg of DDR ram is not. Can you believe, it can not be sourced in Australia, and has gone up from AU$147 to AU$285 if I can find any, and is expected to go up another 25% before Christmas...and a Merry Christmas to you all, too ;o))
    comtrain on his 2 meg video card laptop

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    Default RE: OK now..............

    >This has got to go! Why
    >would not a indicator panel
    >similar to the consist panel
    >be placed on the bottom
    >of the screen showing the
    >track ahead of the train
    >depending on direction of travel,
    >and the next 3 or
    >4 switches and the colours
    >of the signals. A mouse
    >click will change the switch,
    >and the panel will automatically
    >upgrade to the new route,
    >and on and on!!

    Yes that would be nice, maybe in the future...

    >Does anyone know if those flags
    >and things can be cleared
    >from the drivers view, to

    Easy! In the settings menu in Driver you have various options including 'Onscreen Help'. If you switch this off the arrows won't pollute your view ahead, and will only appear if you wave you mouse over them in external view.

    >As far as the smoothing tool
    >goes, I used that to
    >fill in under the gradients,
    >but not along the flats.
    >Here I got a height
    >under the compass at say
    >0.03 then checked the entire
    >track by raising or lowering
    >the ground under the track
    >to 0.03.

    If your track is at 0.03 you will need to 'smooth' underneath. '0.03' is very small so I assume you wanted flat track. What I would do is use the 'set height' tool to reset the nodes to '0.00'.

    Anyway best of luck, and I hope you get your machine sorted out.

    David. :-)

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    Default RE: OK now..............

    Watch if you raise or lower the land with track on it, as it clings to the "baseboard" creating a rather Railroad Tycoon 2 look! I believe the workround is to apply a 0.0% gradient to the track section which will straighten it up again. I'll confirm when I buy the full version in February! Personally, I would have liked to have seen an option to lay rigid panels rather than this painting the track on the ground.

    Guess you get used to how the MTS editor works in terms of applying grades and curves plus conforming the landscape. This is not a MTS vs Trainz dissertation, merely an observation!

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