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Thread: Are their any routes that you can post?

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    Default Are their any routes that you can post?

    >The route being built in the pictures is 3 baseboards long with >2 baseboards now fully tracked and finished.. I Zipped it up >and sent it to another Trainz fella via zipped up to >136KB using winzip, and its sits in my route folder at just >over 417KB
    >I have 2 other 'new' routes , both downloaded in about 12 secs >each using cable..Both are fully sceniced..

    >Sagatukett route is 8 Baseboards in size..fully sceniced and >sits in my routes folder at 1.11MB ..

    >WeekendProject route is 1 Baseboard it equals 184KB in size...

    If they are that small, has anybody got some for me to share?
    comtrain ;Op

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    Default RE: Are their any routes that you can post?

    Hi Comtrain,

    you can download a bunch of new user created layouts from the Downlaod Station at including a great little one created by our CEO Greg Lane in just one hour! Judging by the level of activity on our forums over there, by the end of nextwek there'll be dozens more to choose from.


    Tony Hilliam
    Auran COO

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    Default RE: Are their any routes that you can post?

    Thanks Tony
    I visited the Auran site soon after I made the post and found them!
    Guess I found out everything I was doing wrong.Hope to get a small part of my Aussie layout on soon, as well. I am sure we will be our own worst critics, but constructive stuff is going to help every one. Now if only this Laptop would play TRAINZ.
    My new computer is all ready to go, except that I cannot get any DDR ram anywhere. The price has gone from Au$147 to $220 in a week. And they just told me the wholesalers seem to be holding stocks for a big 25% rise very soon.
    If you are going to increase your RAM, better do it quick.
    phone rang got two 256meg sticks for $240, off to pick it up Bye!!

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    Default RE: Are their any routes that you can post?

    That makes no sense. RAM only gets cheaper. Maybe if they were selling one type of ram before than a second later...

    Are you sure the retailer isn't ripping you off? Maybe it's different in Australia than it is here in the US for RAM because y'all have to boat it in...

    [email protected]

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    Default RE: Are their any routes that you can post?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Dec-13-01 AT 07:55PM (EST)[/font][p]>US for RAM because y'all
    >have to boat it in...

    I'm probably wrong on this, which has nothing directly to do with Trainz, but isn't most of the world's RAM made in Japan? Which means it has to be shipped into the US as well. I'm just curious, really...

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    Australia gets most of its ram, in fact 80% of everything comes from Singapore and Taiwan. China [mainland] is increasingly supplying more and more to our Market. You are right, despite our radidly declining dollar, everything has been going down for the last year or so....but that all changed a week ago, as greedy Wholsalers decided to go for the aorta, as they say!
    Now my ram was DDR, and you should see the difference.
    Before the mouse used to hover, half frozen, preventing me from any quick moves..especially the stop button. The sound was flakey, and the picture jerked all the time. It is a lot better now.

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    eden Guest

    Default RE: Are their any routes that you can post?

    I think it actually has to do with one of the major ram suppliers in Taiwan closing its factory or moving to a new one, There is about to be a RAM shortage and thats why the prices are going up for the time being.

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