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Thread: Ok my thoughts after 5 hours playing

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    Default Ok my thoughts after 5 hours playing

    well after 5 hours playing the game yes Its good . And yes there are a few things that need "fixing2 so to say But maybe I sound a bit disapointed because I was judging trainz on being like MTS..... Well in some respect it is better. Its damn easy to get into the driver especially if you RTFm - I didnt and I paid the consequences Thats whats tea and Lunch breaks at work are for.

    I am running it on a AMD Athlon 1.2g with 327 meg and an Nvidia geforce 3 64 meg card. although it has crashed about 3 times ( this I am hopefully getting sorted out). Yes there are some cosmetic glitches which need to be looked inot but yeah I think its good. I took the Deltic plus a rake of 5 MKII BR coaches for a spin around the UK route. then the 125 and then I felt kinda lucky and placed a double headed 37 as well + consist in which I promptly ran a red light (SPAD) and smacked into the rear of the consist of Freight cars spreading them over a vast distance... thus creatuing a nice crash busy in awe of the derailments to capture any shots.... But what I have caught is 2 pics of my layout only just started and it will probaly change by the time its posted.... oh it aint going to be no smal m'larky I can tell you..... I am going on something kinda BIG!!!!! Heres a couple of pics from about 30 mins ( not including crashes) that also includes trying to work out how everything goes ( no I didnt RTFM) and trying to tame the bloody compass.

    Any way heres the pics
    HST shot in the terminus

    [Link Expired]

    37 on hopper duty on newly laid station track.

    [Link Expired]

    More pics as I get time to do it :(


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    Default RE: Ok my thoughts after 5 hours playing

    Surveyor is not as intuitive as I had hoped. The manual is not complete enough on it, but the Help file looks very good...have you figured out how to print it?

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    Hentis Guest

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    Havent even looked at the help file...... What I did there in about 30 mins was basicly what I have seen from the moviez I downloaded and what I worked out for my self.
    Actually I looked at the manual while I was creating to find out how to put train markers down and how to add more baseboards thats it so far. Took the manual to work today didnt have much time to read it but I am having more ideas... bit dissapointed though but we will see after the service packs come out.
    The only real hard thing to get used to is the floating compass.... once you have mastered this then you should get on well.

    "The futures not set..... theres no fate but what we make"

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    Default RE: Ok my thoughts after 5 hours playing

    The only thing I don't like so far is the fact that my Voodoo card is not supported. That has limited my enjoyment of Driver. I can't get good frame rates in the included routes and the textures of the rolling stock are too dark with my vid card.

    Oh, well. Surveyor is fun though. But you are correct, the manual is lacking "tips" on how to create things correctly. I have used the trial and error approach.

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