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Ok heres the latest piccies of the current route. Sorry but this is a trial and error kinda route plus its going to be kinda big.... so far its just 2 base boards long, so its going to take a while to do + I am beta testing each bit as I go gotta make sure its up and working properly before I release it to you guys soz but you know how it is?

The first piccie is of the first major interchange as you leave the terminus. Its called Ravine Interchange.... you are looking south towards the Ravine and then onto the Terminus in the distance.

[Link Expired]

The second picture is looking towards the terminus from the double bridge.

[Link Expired]

The third and final piccie is a night shot of the double bridge over the ravine. Bit of a busy night.

[Link Expired]

Comments are welcome. But at the mo this is being done in my spare time between work, Christmas and household things.

Hentis :)

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