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Thread: What I Like Most in Trainz

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    Default What I Like Most in Trainz

    What I like most in Trainz is the ability to 'play' with more than 1 locomotive/consist.

    From the start i wanted with MSTS the ability to use a switcher and a road engine in the Explorer-game. Unfortunately you could only do it with multiple activities.

    Now with Trainz i have the ability to:

    a. Assemble a Train on a yard with a switcher.
    b. Drive the train with a road engine to its destination, a
    second Yard.
    c. De-Assemble a Train with a second switcher.
    d. Pick Up an already prepared consist and drive it back to
    the first yard.

    And that in one game!!

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    Default RE: What I Like Most in Trainz

    Amen !

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    Default RE: What I Like Most in Trainz

    Need your help with "decoupler". When I have tried to uncouple I get a static consist of cars at the rear of the train with the locomotive and headend cars moving away from my fixed location. What am I doing wrong???? Also, how do I add downloaded new routes into my program and save consists????/ Can't find that in the manual....maybe I'm just too impatient?
    Joe Cooney

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