Ok just a few more screenies and data on the new route.


Working name Hentis RR
Driving style England
Scale Real scale
File size unzipped 786K
Boards 8

Features 2 returnable loops and 2 mainlines up and down. Also branching to four about midway through route . This is still an eperiment route which will take some time :( to complete but bear with me as it will be wortth it I hope!!!!!!!

Again comments are welcome.

Here are the pics

[Link Expired]

New Down Yard added today as well as branch to the left for the 1st loop

[Link Expired]

The 3rd Mainline bridge over the ravine. this leads to the return loop for the up traffic.

The next picture is of the newly added freight depot on the up line with the line on the bottom right of the pic coming from the Terminus / loco stabling point. see next pic.

[Link Expired]

This last picture is of the ravine terminus and loco Stabling point looking east. Also I have been experimenting with the colors and scenic abilities.

[Link Expired]

Well thats it till later next week soz but have to concentrate on getting done what I want to get done b4 xmas then update after (hopefully)


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