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Thread: Adding new Routes

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    Default Adding new Routes

    Can't find how to add newly downloaded routes into my program. Can someone steer me in the right direction?? Also, trouble with "decoupler". When trying to uncouple cars I get the cars remaining with the train driving off in the distance. What am I doing wrong?? Just too impatient?
    Joe Cooney

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    SkunkWorks Guest

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    Unzip the downloaded routes in the "Trainz/custom/maps" folder.

    As for the decoupler problem: if you see the cars run off you just decoupled, you most likely decoupled on a grade it seems there are no brakes on the wagons, had this happening myself a couple of times.

    If you see your engine drive off, try stopping before you decouple :-) and put the brakes on.

    Hope this helps,

    Greetz Peter

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    SkunkWorks Guest

    Default RE: Adding new Routes

    Sorry, didn't mention that you have to put the routes in a folder off their own "Trainz/custom/maps/your route" or whatever it's called.


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