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Thread: Questions about Trainz Surveyor (Most Notably DEM's)

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    Default Questions about Trainz Surveyor (Most Notably DEM's)

    tucson Coyote here

    Downloaded the Demo and After a Few Minutes of Tinkering with the Surveyor I have to say I was Hooked on Building a Real Route Real fast..(Now I have to get the Program..!)

    But I did have a Simple Qestion about Surveyor.. Is there any way to import Digital Elevation Models into the Surveyor Modeule..(Not the Demo But the Actual Trainz Program (When I purchase it?)

    I have heard talk that you might be able to do that quite easily..(If so I have a Lot of Topographical Data of Southesastern Arizona Just sitting waiting for me To Purchase Trainz..(And Man I mean Can you imagine doing a 150 Mile subdivision in about 2 months?? (That's fast!)

    but already I like the Surveyor Module as it is easy to use and quick to learn..(So quick I was already Imagining Layouts the like I wouldn't Mind doing..(Stuff Like the SP' Lordsburg District or maybe even BNSF's Cajon Pass or Raton Pass..

    but I'was wondering if anyone who has the Full Blown Program can import those Digital Elevation Models..

    tucson coyote
    Lordsburg District..

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    Default RE: Questions about Trainz Surveyor (Most Notably DEM's)

    Im no expert on this side yet as ive tried it once to see if it works..And it did but i much prefer to Hand carve :P

    It works with grey\gray scale maps..They have to be prepeared to certain shapes and formats (Not hard.I do it with ACDsee). Then when theyve been put into the cutom folder needed..load up the game..Select a certain tool that basically is a 'mark area' tool that ..well marks the area you wish to convert. Once selected..simply hightlight the greyscale picture of choice..One click..Tudaa..Instant mountain ranges and valleys :P

    Its still not pulling of photorealistic terrain as far as bumps and dips are concerned.. But its getting there.

    So the answer to your question i suppose would be Yes :}


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    Default RE: Questions about Trainz Surveyor (Most Notably DEM's)

    There are a few threads dealing with this on Auran's Trainz forum. Just do a search for DEM's and/or Greyscale's.

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