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    I downloaded the Trainz demo and I can not get it to work!
    The launcher comes up but after I click "Launch Trainz" on
    the laucher it brings me back to the desktop. Maybe because I have Windows XP or something. I tried using all the compatibilty modes and everything but it still doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Hi JuanFu, I suggest you go to this link [] and follow the help there. You don't mention your PC specs, but it soulds like your video card isn't compatible.

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    My video card is supported. Anymore advice? Thanks!


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    JuanFu - I had that problem with the full version. (Yes, I do own it, I just post under a different name here). I was running the 23.11 detonator drivers, and going back to the 21.83 drivers fixed it, after which I went back to 23.11 and its all good.

    Try changing your drivers around.

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