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Thread: Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff. (Repeat)

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    BigDave Guest

    Default Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff. (Repeat)

    I have but one thing to suggest (at this juncture) for future projects.A nice GWR 'City' class (inside cylindered 4-4-0). The most famous example, and indeed the only example, is the NRM's "City of Truro" #3440 (3717). I can glean a few statistics for you, if you so desire.

    Please, please, please reply to this and not just view it.

    Merry Christmas,
    8:25 p.m., Christmas Day

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    Default RE: Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff. (Repeat)

    I know Tim Booth was planning one of these, but I'm afraid I haven't heard anything recently so I don't know where he stands with it. :( I agree it would be nice to see.

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    akochan Guest

    Default RE: Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff. (Repeat)

    Bid Dave always requests, never provides. Insteada asking for things he would save alotta time by just making them himself. Especially obscure things that nobody cares about like steam engines :P

    [email protected]

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    BigDave Guest

    Default To akochan

    I have in my hand a book of hate mail, which if I glean through a few entries, I could hurl a series of poison-tipped, barred, and UTTERLY withering insults in your smug, self-satisfied face.

    I haven't seen YOU produce anything, you blatant hypocrite.

    The reason I haven't produced anything is simple: I can't tell a JPEG from a HTML (my meaning is I have not a clue about computers and their use in TS construction).

    I have taken it upon myself also, to enlighten the people "humble (Thick as 2 short planks)" to this knowledge, such as yourself as to the beauty of the Steam Locomotive. Without it, there would be no railways. We would be still confined to the horse, as I doubt Herr Rudolph Diesel would have invented his engine.

    America(as I belive you come from(spits at mention of America)) would still be an unexplored wilderness.

    I could go on for days on this subject, but, as the writer Bill Bryson so aptly put it, "In an attempt to provide a better service, I'm stopping here."

    Evenin' all

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    akochan Guest

    Default RE: To akochan

    BigDave. Smoke a fattie. Relax. Do you know what this :P means? It's the same as saying J/K.

    [email protected]

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