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    i got trainz today though i have to upgrade the pc b4 i can use it. the description of the signaling system in the game is rather vague and doesnt go into much depth as to how complex a signal system you can setup.. so i was wondering if some one could give us an idea if the following system will work correctly with user and AI trains. as in msts or would the first and second home signals and the starters have to be removed and signaling be based off those left on the loop area so trains would operate properly with out getting confused.

    would they operate like this?..
    [Link Expired]
    or like this?..
    [Link Expired]

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    As far as I can see the signalling is working correctly, given the example you have shown. The Down 3rd will show a red because train YYY is occupying the line between it and the next (unnamed) Down signal. The Up Home will also show red because train XXX has passed the Up 2nd Home and is occupying the line it's protecting. You have effectively two trains that want to occupy the same strecth of single line and the signalling will of course try to prevent this - train XXX must wait in the loop for YYY to pass.

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