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    ExpressMark Guest

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    I got my copy yesterday, I was glad to get it loaded, though, I am disapointed at the moment I cant Drive the trains as my system though more than enough for MSTS it wont cut the mustard for TRAINZ.

    I have a AMD Athalon 450 mhz, with an ATI 128 all in wonder with 32mb video memory.

    I guess I need to goahead and build my new system sooner than I expected LOL.

    But, I love the Surveyor. This is cool. I wish MSTS would incorporate simular type of tools, how much better it would be.

    I have already created 5 small layouts, yet amazing how much detail can be put in.

    I am already desinging as well as Marc, custom objects for it, so that we can expand our creativity. We will be making some of these available as freeware, I beleive Marc already has some Roads and sidewalks coming.

    Myself I am building new bridges for both MSTS and TRAINZ as well some other specialty items.

    Cant wait to post some of our first screens.


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    Well it seems that you are not the only one who had to upgrade his system ;-)

    Looking forward to your Add-Ons. Saw Marc his versions and i think they are a great addition to the present objects.


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    tro1086 Guest

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    If your system can handle MSTS it should be MORE then enough to run Trainz. Trainz is a much more simple program to run then MSTS, and if you can run Surveyor mode it should be able to run Driver mode even eaiser.

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    And the New service pack just made this game a dream..Cab Sway...FPS improvment...DCC ficed..many other improvments :P this company KNOWS! how to look after its it aint even officialy released yet lol Oh and rumours of a Gmax plug-in...sweeet :}

    I have AMD Duron650..MSTS run fine and so does Trainz..but even i need to upgrade :P


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    mcjaco Guest

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    It is definitely NOT the case that if you can run MSTS, you can run Trainz. MSTS only needs a 4mb video card, if I recall, you have to have a minimum of 16mb for Trainz. Processors recommended are no where near each other as well as RAM. Trust me, I had a computer that ran MSTS beautifully but, wouldn't even open Trainz.

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    FWIW, MSTS runs like a lame duck on a 4-meg card, and the main reason Trainz doesn't is that MOST 4-meg cards are either:

    A) outdated
    B) don't support OpenGL
    C) the user has under-estimated the requirements of today's software
    D) all the above.

    A good 16-meg card is one of the cheapest addons for your PC, and cost less than the games were discussing!

    As far as other requirements, MSTS needs 1.8 GB of free disk space to install all the goodies, while Trainz takes up less than 300Mb. Not to mention the size of distributed routes (uh, we need to see some prototype routes, fellas) - MSTS needs a couple hundred megs, while Trainz needs less than a dozen (with all the trimings for each).

    Marc - 3DTrains

    Marc - 3DTrains - Home of the Feather River and Sherman Hill routes for MSTS


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    mcjaco Guest

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    Making real world routes is bit of a longer task, especially if you want it to look right (like me). If completed a good portion of the California Northern regional line (20 some odd miles of track and 27 baseboards) which zips down to little over 1mb! Let's see MSTS beat that!

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