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Thread: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

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    Hentis Guest

    Default Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-02 AT 04:32AM (EST)[/font][p]
    Ok so heres the plan of what I was supposed to do. Just re-touch the new Gradient that I did but that failed misrably and still didnt look right so that goes this afternoon.... damn I just cant seem to get them right..... any how Then I just had to do 2 or 3 minor additions to the track work and also put in a few levers what I missed at junctions. And have a quick go on EDC's GP9 BIG MISTAKE. I already had a video of Voyager that I was going to settle down and watch about 12 midnight last night ...... didnt watch it why........... Because I was too busy playing trains. Damn ITS SO BLOODY ADDICTIVE...... Cyph hurry up and get your site up man.......

    I started off with 8 consists and a simple bring the 3 freights home in between passenger runs. Well the first freight was just a local shunting job which took a couple of minutes. The loco then went off to the stabling point. Then it was the Neverfail Ale EnterPrise Freight all worked lovely ( I also feel as though I have captured some really good camera placement as well but only comments when its finally released will tell hey). The freight went hurtling through the scenery check piccie #1 onto the return loop and into the up yard . Cut the 2 wagon type consist into 2 and seperated the small beer vans, which were to go with the Freight #1 currently in the down yard, from the refregirated vans which were empty from returns from Barneys New Year Party........ all sorted. The 3 locos then went to the stabling point/Roundhouse for R&R. Then the local Enterpise coal Freight was booked in and made an appearence. Whilst the overnight sleeper service started its run only to derail at a set of points just outside Poole.... No injuries though. The Southen Pacific GP9 was then used to help out at the derailment (soz no pics damn tired by then). Thus the derailment ocured no other train was able to get in due to the sleeper blocking both up and down lines.

    Piccie #1

    This is on the return loop that cuts off as well into the up yard. The main consist was the empty refer vans coming from Barneys New Year Party

    [Link Expired]

    Piccie #2

    From the Cab we have sorted the consist out and now heading off to the Roundhouse for some R&R and Headache tablets.

    [Link Expired]

    Piccie #3

    The Coal local makes its way past the newly installed Bridges on the embankment running into Poole. Unfortunately I dont like the look this has taken so the Gradient is going :(

    [Link Expired]

    Piccie #4

    A close up shot of Halfarocks GP9 nice job if you ask me.

    [Link Expired]

    Piccie #5

    Ok a tracking camera shot of the terminus with 3 express trains waiting to depart including the ill fated Deltic sleeper.

    [Link Expired]

    Piccie #6

    A days turn over and 4 locos all parked up in the Roundhouse.

    [Link Expired]

    Now from 11:32 when all this Trainz Malarky started just supposed to take about 30 minutes to look at EDC's / Halfarock's Loco I finally switched the PC off at 04:15 this morning and having had 4 hours sleep I am not really tired...... But I enjoyed what I was doing. Who ever commented on Trainz as being Toyz looking then I enjoy playing with my Toy trainz till 04:15 on Wednesday morning and better yet I had never done that before on MTS. Their is so much imagination of what you could do I made up 3 or 4 activites in my head of what to do and better yet all 8 consists are saved under 1 consist heading for the future.

    The good thing is Trainz never even crashed I was running with Between 16 and 50 fps most of the time. So the Project for this afternoon is to get shot of the embankment and replace it somehow..... also to start putting some scenery in at the Terminus end. hmmm we will see.

    The only real Gripes I have in driver is 2.
    After Derailing any chance we can replace the consist as an option, I know it aint real but hey is only a model railroad afterall and not like MTS is it well at least it doesnet end abruptly I suppose. Also any chance we can have a save option to save our position in the seesion we are doing?

    Thats it really.


    Comments are welcome good or bad I wont dis you for them.... sarcastic and insulting comments dont bother replying!!!!!

    "Trainz lover here goto Now flame me you shits for saying trainz in an MTS forum!!!!!!!"

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    CeeBee Guest

    Default RE: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    Your layout is looking better all the time, Hentis. Thanks for the pics and the story :)

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    Default RE: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    hi, i don't compare the two software packages. each has its own ups and down. loved the pics!


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    Default RE: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    Hey Hentis where did the high noe SP Geep come from

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    evildarkcow Guest

    Default RE: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    >Hey Hentis where did the high
    >noe SP Geep come from

    I had nothing at all to do with that, Not the best SP GP9 either really.... I think the creator is a little wacked also... what a freak! I've talked to himself a few times.... weird dude, best you stay away from his kind.

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    Hentis Guest

    Default RE: Couple of Bonus piices and a story for ya!!!

    >Hey Hentis where did the high
    >noe SP Geep come from

    Hi Contrain check out EDC and his website.... its all down there in his post (should be below this one.

    Damn nice locos you now have 2 to choose from ..... nice going EDC / Halfarock. Looking forward to more quality downloads.
    Oh and looking at the bridges as well later today.


    "Trainz lover here goto If you like or are intrested in trainz..... if you dont thats your hard luck"

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