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    can someone help this incompetent....
    how do I get te pics / screenshots and then do I convert them or what, and file upload...Could someone please simplify the operation. The files from Trainz are in tga so I need to convert to jpg.....

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    You need to convert your pictures to .jpegs and bring them down to under 100kb in size.. Then When writing a post.. Click on "Click here to upload your file" this should pop-up..

    [Link Expired]

    Click on the .jpeg dot and then select 'browse'..find your picture that has been converted to jpeg and is under 100kb..Double click on it and then the screen should look like thus....

    [Link Expired]

    Click on upload..What a few seconds maybe more if on dail-up.. Then up should pop this screen..

    [Link Expired]

    Highlight the area i have.. Copy and then paste it into your post..

    Post your thread and have lovely pics :P

    Hope thats helps..


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    Too ...thanks :'(

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