Ok the Hentis RR route which you have seen so many piicies of is on hold at the mo and wont be finished by mid Feb so I have created a little route for you to look at. Its in Beta..... go on over to www.auran.com/trainz/forum/ look in the general Trainz discussion forum and look for the following message title :- Hentis RR Construction Halfed but oppotunity for YOU for a chance to beta new route hurry limited places

Just 3 pics I am afraid today.

Pic 1

Line up at the Northend of the route.
This is primarily a USA based route.

[Link Expired]

Pic 2
Just 1 of the 2 Custom textures you will need.

[Link Expired]

Pic 3

If you are not carefull you can see plenty of these!!!!!!
watch your speed.

[Link Expired]

Ok I hope you enjoy
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