Ok Few more picies on a section thats just grown overnight

Screenie 1

This is what it originally looked like but due to bad track design it was removed and replaced with the following track layout. Oil Terminal on the Hentis RR

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Screenie 1a

This shows the long oil train pulling out of the old terminal design by a tripleheaded 37... damn long train in fact about 54 oil cans on there.

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Screenie 2

This is the new track layout. To the right of the rails about the middle ofte picture you can see a yard hut well this is where the old track used to go.

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Screenie 2a

If you noticed the class 37 on the left of the picciie of the one above then here is a close up.....

Ooopps. I kept getting loads of those on Monnday on the old track desgin but hopefully this design should stop it happening. Also the 37 is currently on the Branch line extension with access to the Port and Docks facility ........ to be added at a later time.

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The route is currently 33 baseboards in size. And 3.79 meg to boot. It currently is 1/3 complete. some signals are in. 3 main yards ( another 2 Planned )1 terminus (2 planned) 1 Mainline station (4 planned) 1 Branch line Station (2 planned) Gradients ( woohoo got them working) and needs loads of scenery added. As well as 1 mine and an Oil terminal. Unfortunately now for the bad news...... I will not be able to release this as planned in mid February.... as there is a lot of work needed to be done. Sorry :( But hopefully when it does get released updates will be quicker to the route.

Comments of course are welcome.


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